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Bondwasher® is the original 2 hole washer.
Look for the mark that sets us apart.
Reduce your risk of Passive Intermodulation (PIM).

Made in USA

Made in the USA
using American steel

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Bondwasher logoBondwasher + Blockwasher = Systems

We have created the UNIQUE Bondwasher® (BWUSA®) to save you time and money. Our Bondwasher® is one continuous piece, not two separate washers with gaps between them.

Blockwasher product
“got bolts?”

The uniform clamping force created promotes an intimate electrical connection, resulting in the lowest possible resistance between lug and ground bar. Low resistance and gas-tight seals prevent corrosion between lug and bar, resulting in the best electrical connection. Using Bondwasher® in your electrical bonding installations results in a gas-tight seal between lug and bar, and reduces the chances of passive intermodulation (PIM).

Ingenuity Industries, Inc., the creator and manufacturer of the two hole Bondwasher® guarantees that every Bondwasher® is made of 300-series stainless steel, that is produced in conformance with DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement). Only a real and original Bondwasher® is stamped with our BWUSA® trade mark and all material meets DFARS. Ensure you have the original and highest quality two-hole Bondwasher® by looking for the mark that sets us apart!

“got ground?”

It takes less time to install one Bondwasher® than two individual flat washers. Try a sample of the Bondwasher® product by giving us a call. If you have need of a product with different specifications, call us. For sales or technical questions, call our office at 530-933-1522.

Doing the job right means using the right parts! Our Washers are GUARANTEED!

two-hole lug washer with trademarked Lightning Bolt
New from Bondwasher
Our 2-hole lug washer line now includes the NEW BLOCKWASHER. Like the famous 2-hole Bondwasher, our new washer is used for the installation of a ground lug to the buss bar. The only difference is Blockwasher has 2 tabs, one on each end and is installed on the bolt head side of the buss bar opposite of the Bondwasher. The "tabs" keep the bolt from turning, just as the lock washer keeps the nut from turning. Using both the Bondwasher and Blockwasher as a system ensures the integrity of the ground lug to buss bar connection. An additional bonus of using the Bondwasher System is easier and faster installation, as the Blockwasher Tabs act as tool to hold the bolt head while tightening the nut with a wrench.

two-hole lug washer with trademarked Lightning Bolt
“got power?”

Bondwasher® is now offering all our variations of our two-hole lug washers with our trademarked Lightning Bolt symbol. These washers should be specified whenever your usage or application is a lug that conducts equipment power.

Reasons to use the power model Bondwasher®:

  • Optimum lug compression ratio (Lbs. per sq. inch) at the connection interface.
  • We can custom make this washer from a variety of metals you wish to use.
  • Only one power Bondwasher® compared to two single-hole flat washers.
  • Promotes safety as a visible (hot) connection point.

Custom orders of exotic metals and/or plated materials may be possible. Please let us know if you have a need for a custom Bondwasher® order. If your business has a high enough demand in the two-hole lug connector market we want to help you improve your connection hardware reliability.

Material options we have considered offering to emerging markets:

  • Solid Silicon Bronze
  • Zinc Plated
  • Silver Plated
  • Gold Plated

Volume in exotic markets is extremely difficult to price and offer. We need your help in targeting the possibilities and volume your connector market has to offer. If you can see the need and would like to contract a specific Bondwasher® type, i.e. exotic, send in a special request ( Please note the application of the part, what material or materials, what industry and any potential volume demand you may have.

Bondwasher makes our job faster
BondWasher® makes our job faster

Reasons to use the Bondwasher®

  • The BWUSA® Bondwasher® is being specified on entire networks with great results
  • We are the originators of this product
  • Never any overlap
  • No cutting or shaping of flat washers
  • Utilize every hole on the ground bar
  • We custom make Bondwasher® to fit the lug size
  • Eliminate the chances of flat washers rotating and loosening hardware over time.
  • Saves installation time with less parts; easier to handle (tower climbers love this)
  • Only One Bondwasher® compared to two Single-Hole Flat Washers
  • Bondwasher® spreads the clamping force evenly between the lug and the ground bar, resulting in uniform electrical contact and gas-tight seal
  • Approved by AT&T and Ericsson

Our parent company, Ingenuity Industries, is a member of the IWPC.
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We are a verified vender with the US Federal Contractor Registration
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