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Bondwasher® is the original 2 hole washer.
Look for the mark that sets us apart.
Reduce your risk of Passive Intermodulation (PIM).

Made in USA

Made in the USA
using American steel

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White arrows indicates loose connections on an active cell site.
Also notice the overlapping flat washers. Bondwasher® solves this.
This bar is an example of multiple overlapping washers.

This is an example of a ground bar with no flat washers!
This is most likely due to not enough space on the bar for washers they had. Bondwasher can fix this!
Round washers take up space.
Bondwasher® is the washer that fits the job.
Here is an example of Bondwashers next to ground lugs with no flat washers
Here is example of ground lugs with overlapping washers that cause a bad ground and promotes PIM.
Also notice first lug on the left is missing a bolt.
At the top of a tower
At the top of a tower