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Made in the USA
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Picture of Ground lug hardware kit
Ground lug hardware kit
80 piece, 10 pack
SKU: BWbk3810-1SS


  • This Kit works well keeping one or more in each work truck and provides easier logistics for crews,PM’s and sourcing inventory!
  • Saves time by having the right parts together for your techs and decreases the risk of ground bar inspection failures.
  • Decreases the chances of PIM or QC failure on the connections your crews make.
  • Meets the needs of T-Mobile, AT&T, and others, having flat washers for both sides of the ground bar and ones that will never overlap.
  • Kit includes 10 individual packets for ease of use in the field and having the right parts when and where you need them.

Total kit contents 10 packs, 80 parts.

Individual Packet contents:

  • Two 3/8-16 x 1" Hex cap screws 18-8 stainless
  • Two 3/8-16 Hex nut 18-8 stainless
  • Two 3/8 split ring lock washers 18-8 stainless
  • Two 3/8 X 1" Bondwashers 301 stainless (part # BW382SS1)

Kits can be custom ordered to your specifications.
We will create it to your satisfaction with the parts and quantities you need to save you time and money.
Call Mathew Younce, our Bondwasher Manager, to help meet your hardware needs!

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